The Zen Ranch

The Zen Ranch is the place to have your event on 26 beautiful majestic acres with a lake, equines, silence, and peace.  Located conveniently off IH 30 Toll in Georgetown and near the famous tourist town of Walhburg, TX.  Car show events, business events, weddings, concerts, birthday parties, cub scouts trips, ladies and gentlemen parties.  Whatever event you need the Zen Ranch is the place to have it.


Guiding Lives Worldwide Apparel

GLW offers the best fitting, four way stretch, moisture control, non see through, no slit worries, most comfortable but shock and awe value apparel.  We focus on sending good messages through apparel.  We pride ourselves on making You Look Good, Feel Good, Real Good! GLW ALL DAY! SHOP NOW!


Making Real Changes

Guiding Lives Worldwide offers opportunities to increase overall mental health by providing the Zen Ranch and Mental Health Spa.  We offer GLW apparel as well.  We focus on connecting with the community to help those who sometimes need to return life to normalcy, improve mood, emotional function, increase eco wellness, mindfulness and self care.  We offer that TLC you need.

Avoiding the Stigma of Mental Health Treatment.

In addition to the formal, individual and personal/professional care of a LPC, Guiding Lives Worldwide offers opportunities to increase a person’s overall Mental Health Fitness in fun and informal settings, like conferences, seminars, group sessions, and meetings.

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