Brandy Junk Founder & CEO

A Texas Clinical Mental Health MS,LPC

Not all wounds are visible, therapy is a way to heal from within. I provide support through the process of mental health wellness to address anxiety, anger, addiction, depression, work stress, relationship conflicts or adjusting to the challenges of life. Together, we will work on strategies that allow you to address the root causes of your difficulties.

I help facilitate processing your emotions by providing you with a supportive environment to stimulate new ways of thinking about your life and identify actions necessary to create better outcomes for yourself. I help to examine the thought patterns, behaviors and underlying issues that may be holding you back or wreaking havoc on your relationships or career. Through our work together, you can take the steps necessary to create the life you want.

I have an unwavering compassionate, warm and holistic approach to mental health wellness. I believe the sucess of therapy depends on a strong, trusting, and genuine therapeutic relationship which I strive to provide to all my clients. I offer a unique and authentic therapeutic experience. Together, we develop a full set of tools tailored for your needs. This is called Integrative Psychotherapy. Based on your goals and needs, are an invitation for you to experience, explore, heal and transform.


Brandy Junk was raised on the Island of Guam. Her compassionate and warm approach to mental health fitness is unwavering. The top leading therapist that does it all focused on the ‘Do Better Movement’ and ‘Helping the Helpers’! Our expedition is derived from personal and professional experience.

Each and every individual needs mental health fitness and care. We commonly understand that our bodies need to be fed to physically survive. However, rarely it is understood that our mental health must also be fed to thrive.

Guiding Lives Worldwide provides that unique nutrition for the mind, body and spirit to help make each of us whole.Listen to Brandy Junk on Empowerment and Inspiration, Mindfulness (Present Awareness, Self Compassion and Compassion for Others), Burnout and Compassion Fatigue, and General Mental Health, Mental Health Fitness and Wellness. A Texas State graduate and a licensed professional her education and expertise speaks for itself.