Guiding you to a better self.

There are infinite possibilities over troubled waters. Change the perspective to change your outcome.

Offering healing opportunities.

Are you seeking support through the process of mental health wellness to address anxiety, anger, addiction, depression, work stress, or adjusting to the challenges of life changes?

Together, we will work on strategies that allow you to address the root causes of your difficulties.

We will collaborate to build upon your meaningful life to increase your overall well being and life satisfaction. The journey of life is not always easy.

Not all wounds are visible, therapy helps you heal from within.

Gain a new life.

Reaching out for support is the best cause of action you can do for yourself.

My unique therapeutic style and techniques offer infinite possibilities to aid in dealing with life challenges.

Steps towards feeling better and mental health wellness is just a phone call away.

Mental Health Recovery & Wellness

Intervention & Recovery Specialist

Are you or a loved one struggling with addiction? Are you confused on how to live your life on a sober path?  Recovery guidance will work a program based on you or your loved one’s recovery needs.  If you’re ready to make a change, start the recovery journey today!

Therapy for Individuals

Are you struggling with grief, sadness, loss, trauma, lack of motivation, low self esteem, mood swings, low self worth, or lack of meaning in life? I help facilitate processing your emotions by providing you with a supportive environment to stimulate new ways of thinking about your life and identify actions necessary to create better outcomes for yourself.  I help to examine the thought patterns, behaviors and underlying issues that may be holding you back or wreaking havoc on your relationships or career.  Through our work together, you can take the steps necessary to create the life you want.


In Psychotherapy there are many approaches and techniques.  Each type is better suited for certain issues and personalities.  If you consider them as tools, a hammer works best on a nail, a screwdriver works best to tighten screws, and a wrench works best on bolts.  It is possible to use different tools to hammer in a nail, but it is not as effective as a hammer.  The same is true for Psychotherapy.

There is not one modality that works for all because people are individuals, complex and presenting issues are different.  You get the best results having a full array of a set of tools in your toolbox.

Together, we develop a full set of tools tailored for your needs.  This is called Integrative Psychotherapy.  Based on your goals and needs, are an invitation for you to experience, explore, heal and transform.


The Hero's Journey

Wanting something different in therapy? Answer the call to adventure, find new self discoveries and let’s begin your hero’s journey.