Mental Health Day Off and Fitness

Making Real Changes is about progressing the mental health and wellbeing movement.  Helping the Helpers.  We connect with local businesses, the healthcare and aviation industry, protective services and other organizations to promote wellness at the Zen Ranch and Mental Health Spa without the fear of being judged or stigmatized.  Mental Health TLC at the Zen Ranch and Mental Health Spa.

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GLW Apparel

Feel Good, Look Good, Real Good!


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The Zen Ranch & Mental Health Spa

Zen Ranch & Mental Health Spa. Contact us now to book your special day, event or retreat.


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Our Journey

Our expedition is derived from personal and professional experience.  Each and every individual needs mental health fitness and care.  We commonly understand that our bodies need to be fed to physically survive.  However, rarely it is understood that our mental health must also be fed to thrive.  Guiding Lives Worldwide  provides that unique nutrition for the mind, body and spirit to help make each of us whole.